Kidscase teamed up with fashion designer Antoine Peters. This collaboration resulted in a playful, all-round capsule collection. Inspired by children in general and his little son Alf in particular, the collection symbolizes the contagious smiles and inquisitive nature of kids. It is all about children having fun and exploring uncharted waters.


This Spring/Summer 2018 collection depicts the story of an ‘Urban Holiday’, with the bright colours, dynamic accents and edgy twists of a big city in the smouldering summer heat. The city has always been at the heart of our collections, with most of the kidscase customers being modern city kids: always on the move and never afraid to try something new. This collection embodies the ultimate urban melting pot that Amsterdam has become over the last decades.


Kidscase started out as an indie company founded in 2000 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, by Jacqueline van Nieuwkerk (design) and marketer Merel Verbrugge (sales & publicity). Our aim is to design collections that fit the lifestyle of individualistic and modern parents and their children, while producing by methods that are both fair to people and environmentally friendly. Since early 2018, Kidscase is part of Brandworks.